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Summer Plumbing Woes

Summer brings a lot of barbeques, pool parties, and other gatherings in the spirit of the season. This year, the heat is definitely on in South Florida! That heat may bring about some concerns related to your plumbing.


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Just as the winter holiday season means more traffic for your plumbing, the same goes for summer. Therefore, make sure if you are hosting gatherings, that you have your plumbing checked to make sure there won’t be any leaks or clogs.


In cold areas, freezing pipes and leaks are things you may expect in the winter. Here in south Florida, the summer can bring high temperatures that can also cause leaks. This is mainly due to the stress that gets put on your pipes.


Swimming pools, garden hoses, and sprinklers can cause stress on your pipes in the summer. If you suspect a leak, you may want to call a plumber out to inspect the source and you may have to have part of the pipe replaced.


Droughts can also be a summer occurrence. With high temperatures and little rain, the ground area under your home can dry out. This can potentially cause your water min to crack or leak. The heat also causes your foundation to shift, which also causes stress on your pipes.


In the heat, the soil surrounding your pipes can expand and in turn causing your pipes to shift. This can lead to a burst pipe. Structural damage can take years to happen, however, if you should deal with it as soon as you see any sign of structural damage.


Some issues you may encounter, you can probably deal with yourself. However, if plumbing problems start to become more frequent, it may be a sign that there is a more serious underlying issue. Stay ahead of any plumbing issues with regular inspections and preparing your plumbing for high traffic.


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