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Why Are Kitchen Faucets So Expensive?

Purchasing a new kitchen faucet may seem like a simple and inexpensive purchase. However, you may be shocked when you see the $168 sticker price! And that’s just the low end of the price spectrum for kitchen faucets.

So what exactly makes these faucets so expensive?


Faucets all have small parts inside of them that vary in quality. While buying the most expensive one doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll receive a better value, it is more likely to provide longer and better service.

Material Quality

Faucets are made of different materials, which are also a factor that affects price. The higher priced faucets are made of materials such as solid brass, which generally provide a superior look, better performance, and durability. Other features, such as touch technology also impact price. With this technology, you can touch the faucet anywhere and to turn it on and off.

Special Features

Other features that affect price can be the necks of the faucets and spray options. There are necks on faucets that can easily reach any nook and cranny and come in different styles and designs. Some faucets have alternating spray options as well.

Keep in mind that faucets can be like purchasing a car. There are different levels of quality depending on the materials used and the features that come with the faucet. Essentially, all of these will have an impact on price. It’s best to shop around for the faucet that best suits your kitchen and style. It’s equally important to know a reputable plumber to install your faucet professionally. Need A Plumber has a team of experienced and professional plumber that is ready to assist you with your kitchen faucet needs!


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