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Does the economy setting on my washing machine really save me money?

We are constantly evolving technology to be more environmentally friendly and conserve energy and water. Nowadays, a lot of our appliances and even cars have economy modes. If you’ve purchased a washing machine in the last few years, you’ve probably noticed that the majority have economy settings. But are these machines really saving you money? Are they as environmentally friendly as we think?


When the federal Energy Star program applies ratings to appliances, the economy setting mode is taken into consideration. This means that you may buy an Energy Star certified appliance only to find that you don’t like the economy settings, and be less than satisfied with your purchase. An economy setting can indeed save you money on your energy bill! That’s great news! But there is a downside…

Does the economy setting work?

The performance of your washing machine may not always meet your expectations on the economy setting. This economy setting is best for light loads with very light stains, if any. You may find that washing a heavy load full or dirt, grime, and stains on economy mode may not completely clean your clothes. This means you now have to run the washing machine a second time. Not only does this use up your valuable time, but it also means you are now using twice as much water and electricity. This defeats the entire purpose of the economy setting on your washing machine.

The best way to get the most efficient use out of your washing machine in general is to know how to use your machine. You should know that there are times when it is appropriate to set your washing machine on economy mode and there are times you should not. So do these machines really save you money? Yes, you just have to do your due diligence prior to using the machine. Before buying a washing machine, if it’s money savings and eco-friendly products you’re looking for, it’s best to do the proper research and read customer reviews.

Your neighborhood plumbing company is a good resource for any questions you may have. It is also a good idea to have major appliances, such as a washing machine, installed by a team of professionals.

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