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Choosing a Backflow Preventer

Choosing a Backflow Preventer:

When choosing a backflow preventer, you should first assess the brand of the product. You have to consider some information with regards to the quality of each manufacturer.

In addition, considering the quality background of a manufacturer is necessary; may it be a backflow preventer or another product. It is important to remember that the product should be in good quality in order to provide the best operation necessary for backflow preventions in the water systems. It is also important to remember that backflow preventers should be tested before installing into water systems. By doing so, further contamination can be prevented.




Types of Backflow Preventers:

One of the most common types of backflow preventers are the air gap valves. These valves create a gap to stop the backflow of water. Usually, it is situated under the faucet. Another backflow preventer is the double check valves. These valves function as the backflow preventer from a water source by reversing the water supply from its current direction. Vacuum cleaners were also designed to prevent water backflows and to keep the pressure well-maintained. By doing so, backflow will be avoided.


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