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Benefits of a Smart Kitchen Faucet

Technology is constantly evolving all around us and it’s no different in the plumbing industry. One new piece of technology making its way into our kitchens and bathrooms today is the smart faucet. But what exactly is a smart faucet and are there benefits to getting one?



A smart faucet is a faucet that does not require handles to be touched to turn them on or off. It is not only an efficient device but also reduces the amount of bacteria that gets spread around.


There are several benefits that come with installing one of these in your home or business.


Good for the kids!

First off, it is ideal for children. Children can barely reach the handles on a regular faucet when they want to wash their hands or brush their teeth. With a smart faucet, whether its an IR sensor or the touch technology, children will be able to do wash their hands and brush their teeth without the help of an adult.


No hands!

Smart faucets make cooking less of a hassle. Often times you end up with full or messy hands and either can’t or don’t really want to touch your faucet. Smart faucets turn on with sensors. There are some faucets that can turn on with just a touch of your forearm.



Water is one of our most valuable natural resources. It’s hard to really notice how much water we waste on a daily basis. Smart faucets conserve water with automatic shut off features. Some smart faucets allow you to adjust the temperature to your ideal setting. This eliminates the amount of water that is wasted while waiting for water to cool down or heat up.


Less Germs!

With a smart faucet, you will spend less time having to mess around with the handles on your faucet. Whether it’s handling food while cooking that contains bacteria, or if it’s washing your hands in the bathroom, you’ll be touching the fixture a lot less. Smart faucets help prevent the spreading of germs and bacteria this way! Less germs means less people end up getting sick.


Yes, smart faucets can be on the expensive side. However, in just a couple of months, they end up paying for themselves with the benefits they bring. Whether it’s for your home or for your office, smart faucets are a great investment. A smart faucet will eliminate waste, help the environment and your water bill, as well as reduce the amount of germs in your home or office. There are many kinds of smart faucets with different features and styles. Contact your plumber today to find the right one for you and make a positive change to your plumbing!

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