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Add Plumbing to Your New Year’s Resolutions!

2017 is here! A new year, a new list of resolutions. This year, add plumbing to your list.


We’ve compiled a list of resolutions to make associated with plumbing that will set you up for a smooth 2017:

Be more knowledgeable about your plumbing:


Know how to shut off your water

The toilet and sink are easy to shut off. If you look under the sink or toilet you will see a knob that will turn off the water when turned (righty tighty, left loosy). To turn off the main water line, you may need to look in your garage or a closet. If you have trouble finding it, you can always give your Landlord or reliable plumbing company a call.


Be smart about what goes down your drain pipes

This tends to be a common issue in homes and one that is growing. It usually tends to occur more often during holidays that involve a lot of cooking. Be careful of letting hair, wipes, and grease go down your drains. This is one of the most preventable problem in plumbing. Even if a product claims to be “flushable”, they still will not break down completely and will still cause clogs.


Be proactive:


Schedule an annual checkup:

This is a great idea to get ahead of any possible and costly problems. A professional will inspect all your fixtures and pipes to ensure everything is in good working order. Scheduling a plumbing checkup can catch costly problems early on and save you money in the long run.


Be kind to your plumbing:


This goes back to being smart about what to put down your drain. However, there are 2 specific areas in your house that are normally treated as garbage cans:


The toilet: It’s tempting to flush anything down the toilet. We see it as an invincible trash can. Each year hundreds of items are flushed down toilets. From sanitary products, to diapers, to deceased pets and prescriptions. These will all lead to clogs in your pipes and result in an unpleasant experience. These items also end up in our water supply which is even more dangerous! Toilets were only meant for human waste and TP!

The garbage disposal: Another tempting place to throw things that don’t belong there. Often while cooking, it seems easy to toss out any leftover scraps down the garbage disposal. However, some of the foods don’t break down properly and can cause damage to your garbage disposal. It’s also a smart idea to run the water while putting food into the garbage disposal. This will eliminate waste buildup.


We hope these resolutions are helpful to you in making 2017 a good year for your home’s plumbing. By following this advice, you should see minimal problems. If you’re ever in need of a professional plumber, remember Need A Plumber is here for you and your plumbing needs!


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